Continuum '80

The artist completed work on “Continuum – 1980” in May of 1980. This suite was printed at VisTec Atelier, Rochester, N.Y. by Mary Collins under the direction and supervision of both the artist and Charles Baylis.

The artist hand-cut each stencil and mixed the colored inks utilized in printing the suite. He also individually numbered, titled and signed each print. The original screens used in printing these images have been destroyed. All reproduction rights are reserved by Brian Halsey, copyright 1980.

These screenprints were printed on Somerset; pH balanced, 100% rag paper and the VisTec chop mark appears in the lower right hand corner.

The suite has been issued in multiple color states of 25 plus proofs and are available in the following color series: Mauve, Red, Warm Gray, Blue, Rust, Light Blue to Gray, and Flesh to Gray Green. The multiple color states were printed concurrently.

Prints in the Suite: Monad, Centrigon, Dodekon, Vertigon, Syntron