Cosmos Suite

In the Fall of 1975 Albert Scaglione commissioned Brian Halsey to create the five original screenprints that constitute this portfolio. The artist designed the images in the Cosmos Suite during the Fall and Winter of 1975-76 and directed their printing during the same period.

The stencils for these screenprints were hand cut by the artist. The artist also personally mixed the colored inks involved in printing these images. The screenprints were hand printed by Larry Kotz at his workshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan, under the artists control and direction. All the images in the Cosmos Suite have been executed on Rives BFK paper which has been trimmed to 21 ¾ X 29 ¾ inches.
The authenticity of each portfolio, the originality of each print contained therein, and the facts of publication as stated here are attested to below by the three principals involved in producing this work: the publisher Albert Scaglione; the printer, Larry Kotz; and the artist, Brian Halsey.
These original screenprints have been published in 226 portfolios, which are designated in the following manner.

185 regular edition, numbered from 1/185 to 185/185
25 artist proofs, numbered A.P. I/XXV to XXV/XXV
10 museum proofs, numbered M.P. I/X to X/X
5 presentation proofs, numbered P.P. I/V to V/V
1 printer’s proof, so designated I/I

In addition a few individual prints of the images contained in this portfolio have been reserved for the artist’s use. These are initialed only and designated alphabetically.

Each print has been numbered to correspond with the portfolio number in which it has been placed and has been signed and titled by the artist. All the stencils involved in producing these screenprints have been destroyed and no more of these portfolios exist than noted above. All reproduction rights are reserved by the artist (copyright, 1976).

Images in the Portfolio:
Suspension IV, Alpha III, Novem I, Numinos II, and Nucleon I.