Brian Halsey designed and executed the six serigraphs which constitute this portfolio during the fall and winter of 1978-79. The artist hand cut the stencils for each image and mixed the colored inks utilized in the printing process. The prints were executed at Vistec Graphics, Ltd. (Rochester, N.Y.) under the supervision of Master Printer Chuck Baylis. The Vistec Chop appears along with the © Copyright to the right of the artists signature on each print.

Each image in Mandalas was printed on Somerset 100% rag, English-made paper (300 Grs.) and was trimmed to 21 ½ by 21 inches. The suite has been issued in three separate color states designated as portfolios A, B, and C. Portfolio A consists of the first color state of each image, portfolio B contains the second color state and portfolio C the third.

The artist has signed each print. All stencils and screens employed in the creation of this suite were destroyed. The artist and publisher have reserved all reproduction rights. The facts of publication as stated here are attested to on the right by the artist, Brian Halsey, and the publisher, Albert Scaglione.

Images in the Portfolio consist of: Deltron, Nuclead, Trinovem, Trion, Novatron and Triaxon