Brian Halsey designed and executed the suite titled "Microcosms" during the fall and winter of 1977-78. The artist hand cut the stencils for each image and mixed the colored inks utilized in the printing process. The artist and Larry Kotz executed the prints in Kotz's workshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Each image in Microcosms was printed on Rives 100% rag, French-made paper (175 GRS), and was trimmed to 12 1/2 by 12 inches.

The suite has been issued in five separate color states designated as portfolios A, B, C, D, and E. Portfolio A consists of the first color state of each image, portfolio B consists of the second color state of each image, and so forth. Three additional color states of each image have been issued as individual prints. Along with a limited number of artist proofs, each set of portfolios has been issued in an edition of thirty-five.

Prints in the series include: Nuclead, Theon, Centros, Isotron, Quatrad and Astron.