Microcosms II

The artist completed work on "Microcosms II" in May of 1983. All stencils were hand cut and all inks individually mixed by the artist. He personally printed each image in the suite at the screenprinting facilities of Larry Kotz in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Each print has been hand-numbered, titled, and signed in pencil by the artist. And the original screens used in printing these images have been destroyed. All reproduction rights are reserved by Brian Halsey. The serigraphs were printed on Mirage, white vellum, a 100% rag, pH neutral 310 gsm paper made by the Rising Paper Company of Housatonic, Mass.

"Microcosms II" has been published in two distinct color states of 65, plus proofs. Images II, IV, V, and VI (see below) have been issued in two additional color states and have been released as individual prints. Each portfolio color state is designated as "State I", or "State II" and each has been issued in the following manner: Regular Edition 1/65 to 65/65; Artist Proofs 1/12 to 12/12; and Presentation Proofs 1/12 to 12/12. The artist has retained one set of progressive color proofs of four of the images in the suite -- each color proof being one of a kind and presented only as a complete set.

Images in the Portfolio include: Archon, Astron II, Alpha, Totem, Triune, and Monad II.